Your Name Says It All or close to it anyway

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Your Name Says It All or close to it anyway

I just thought this would be fun. I think it safe to assume some here are in a group of performing musicians although most of us are not. If you were asked to become part of a group to perform, have you ever given any thought to a group name? How many times have we thought, "that would be a good name for a group?" Well just for kicks and giggles go ahead and post them, maybe you'll be the one responsible for naming the next best group to:

'Hairy Nostrils and His 5 Little Nose Pickers'
'78 RPM' (better know how to play fast)

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Patty and the Poodles.

Patty and the Poodles.

Miles Feet and the Yardage.

So many bad ones...I could go on for hours.

As a former festival producer who looked at hundreds of promo packets, I have to say that I developed quite a sense for the music when I heard the name of the band and then saw their promo photo. To be honest, cute and clever don't get my attention. Professional photos without antics and solid work will get you hired faster.

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