Worlds of Trad Internet Radio Frebruary 2010 Upload

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Worlds of Trad Internet Radio Frebruary 2010 Upload

Just to let interested folks know that the new edition of Worlds of Trad Internet radio is now uploaded and on-line especially for your discernment and delectation. Things have been somewhat delayed this time, owing to yours truly having been laid low with a terrible dose of the lurgy. Even so, you can hear the new upload by going straight to the station player at .

On the other hand, you can bring up the station page first. Click on . Then click the yellow PLAY button. Then, if you press the green button to the right, you can save Worlds of Trad as a preset. That will save you having to search the next time you listen in.

You can check the complete playlist playlist by visiting , but this month we look forward to the coming of spring, courtesy of Bob and Ron Copper and the Bacup Coconut Dancers; Mance Lipscomb, Margaret Johnson and Sister Rosettta Tharpe and Marie Knight take turns at guessing the weather; we listen in to some vintage American sounds gathered by the Library of Congress, and to some vintage ethnic sounds from the Secret Museum of Mankind; Jelly Roll Morton, John Quinn, Brian O’Rourke and Packie Duignan and Seamus Horan sort the billy goats from the nanny goats, while Kevin Mitchel complains about the rangy ribs he bought from Mickey Doo; Bix Beiderbecke and Hoagy Carmichael ham it up galore with the salty old saga of Barnacle Bill The Sailor; Len Graham, Ewan MacColl and Norman Kennedy bring us tales of old beggarmen and lovelorn ladies; and Roscoe Holcomb and Leo Soileau set the ball rolling for some high lonesome singing - and some high lonesome fiddle playing.

In between we wish Jean Ritchie a swift recovery from her recent stroke, and we remember two veterans who died a short time ago; Irish broadcaster, Ciarán Mac Mathúna, and Sussex blues authority, Francis Wilford-Smith.

All that and much, much more.

Happy Listenings,

Fred McCormick. .

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