Worlds of Trad Christmas Special

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Worlds of Trad Christmas Special

Hi folks,

Just to let everybody know, that the December 2009 edition of Worlds of Trad Internet radio – a Christmas Special no less - is now uploaded and bringing festive melodies and cheer from every part of the globe. You can pick the programme up by going straight to the station player at .

On the other hand, you can bring up the station page first. Click on . Then click the yellow PLAY button. Then, if you press the green button to the right, you can save Worlds of Trad as a preset. That will save you having to search the next time you listen in.

You can check the complete playlist at .

This month The Stanley Brothers, Lord Executor and Jesse Thomas regale us with various seasonal salutations; Will Atkinson, Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton, Ola Belle Reed, a bunch of Yorkshire Carollers and Fred Jordan remind us that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few shepherds and the gift of a lamb or two; Leroy Carr, The Allen Brothers and Bukka White opine that that Christmas is a rotten time to be stuck in jail; Jackie Daly, Micho Russell and Jean Ritchie play us a Christmas tune or two; and there’s a gorgeous version of the Dilly Song from The Marshall Family.
We continue to celebrate Topic’s 70th birthday, and this month recall some of Topic’s fabulous output from the 1970s and ‘80s. Just imagine how dull life would have been without Songs of a Donegal Man, Music From Sliabh Luachra, The Silver Bow, Folk Music of Yugoslavia, The Music of Cape Breton, The Broomfield Wager, and Memories of Sligo!
The record companies have made sure Christmas has come early, and we sample some new CDs from Len Graham, Ewan MacColl and The Red Fox Chasers. We also visit some early, and some not so early T Bone Walker; and Sidney Bechet and Naftule Brandwein battle it out for the title King of the Clarinet.
We bid a sad and fond farewell to Bess Lomax Hawes, who died recently aged 88, and we recall some of her collecting work with the fiddler Emmett Lundy.
Then, just when it looked as though things couldn’t get any crazier, we’re invited on a pilgrimage by a bunch of Rajasthani musicians. Thanks fellas but we’ve got one of our own, all the way to Manger Square in Bethlehem.

Happy Listenings,

Fred McCormick. .

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