Who else has disposed of their Intellitouch tuner

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Who else has disposed of their Intellitouch tuner

I'm just wondering who else has seen the little Intelli IMT-500 replace the Intellitouch on the headstock on most of the instruments around them. Here in Kansas City where I live I just don't see the Intellitouch at jams much any more. I sold mine (at a loss) over the summer while somebody still wanted em. The Intelli is not only has a better interface on it, the thing works on my fiddle far better than the Intellitouch ever did. And it fits in my case too (I had to keep the Intellitouch outside of the case, it just didn't fit in any of the nooks in my case).

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I never had an intellitouch,

I never had an intellitouch, and just got an IMT-500 for christmas. It does great on my banjo--have not yet tried it on anything else. I still use an older seiko for tuning my hammered dulcimer, but it requires a quiet room.


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Have you ever considered going to the music store and purchasing a tuning microphone that attaches to your tuner on the outside and then hooks to your instrument... then you can tune in a noise environment... the cost range from 10.00 to l6.95 depends on the type you get with the alligator clip or the clothepin snap type. you can purchase these at music stores or online at musicians friend and/or other music companies... it should be listed close to the tuners in the catalog...


That has occurred to me, but

That has occurred to me, but I've never acted on the idea. I don't play HD that often, and generally it (and the autoharp) will be fine if they have been tuned at home. If I were a pro, then I'd certainly look for some better and more flexible method.


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I haven't disposed of my Intellitouch, but it's in the junk drawer.

When I first got my Intellitouch, I thought it was the greatest thing since the Ford V8! I had an early one. They had a tent at the Woody Guthrie Festival and told me to send mine in and they would exchange it for a new, improved model (no charge). I sent it back two other times for overhauls (no match for concrete sidewalks).

I tried an Intelli and was hooked. I also got one for my guitar. I got little Case Logic mp3 cases at Wal-Mart to protect them.

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I got one last year for my banjo, but they work great on pretty much anything with strings. I work as a roadie for The Gourds & I've used one to tune pretty much every instrument that they use, from Uke to Stand Up Bass, with speed & accuracy. As far as tuning in a noisy environment, the IMT-500 is back lit so I've been able to use it to tune even when I can't hear.

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My friends here own a music

My friends here own a music store, and tuner sales are 99-1 in favour of the Intelli 500 vs. the Intellitouch. I'm told that a new model of the Intelli is coming out, but dont know any particulars about it. I do know that the wholesalers were recently trying to dump the "old" 500 model.

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I didn't have the old large one, but love the newer little one!

Except for the fact that I seem to always forget to put it in my whistle case. LOL! It's compact, accurate, and darn it... cute!

Luckily, there are several others at the session who have them as well, so borrowing one is never a problem.


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Those Intellitouch tuners

Those Intellitouch tuners drive me crazy! Often they say the fifth of the note they hear. I find they work better when the string is plucked without a pick. But they are accurate, I use a Peterson strobe at home, and they jive. The models using a wire with a clip to the bridge are better I think, but not as convenient in the dark at a campsite with no place to sit.
For guitar only, a very accurate and easy tuner is the pick sized and shaped LED (light) tuner from Planet Waves. Is has a setting for each string, and like a timing light for tuning an engine it looks at the string and shows visually the right string tension. It doesn't hear anything, works in the dark, and fits anywhere.
I'm hopeful that this technology will soon be available as a pickup system. There is a patent in place, and used only for one brand of bass guitars. There would never be feedback issues with a pickup that doesn't hear or vibrate.

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IMT - 500

I too have switched to teh IMT - 500. The smaller size is nice and bcak light is great for low light conditions. The view angle is a bit more narrow than the Intellitouch. Checking out the how battery life is on the IMT - 500 compared to the Intellitouch. The Black Intellitouch models drained rather fast. I like and recommend both to inquisitors. These things have made life a lot better at jams, circles, and general performance.

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I made the switch from

I made the switch from Intellitouch to IMT-500 a couple of years ago. The IMT-500 seems more sensitive, doesn't stick out as much. Only downside I have seen for the IMT-500 is that it really goes through the batteries fast if it is left on.

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Not me...

The Intellitouch is still my number one guitar tuner. It's very durable, it's worked reliably for years and the company has treated me very well.

I also have an Intelli for my mando and a Seiko STX-1 as my backup, as well as several other cheap non-contact tuners. For the most part, they all work well and each has certain advantages. For example, the excellent clip on the Seiko makes it very versatile and the small size of the Intelli makes it great for the mando case.

Each of them have their quirks in regard to not locking on certain notes, in certain clip positions. All are second nature to work around now.


Not yet

I haven't thrown it away yet. I keep hoping someone will want to give me $20 for it.

Still using and loving my old TU-12 I bought in the 80's

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iv still got it

I bought my intellitouch a couple years ago, and i still love it, iv used a abused it left it in the freezing cold and sitting in the sun, iv put it through its paces and i still havnt changed the batteries yet. I love the backlit option for late night jams. I guess im going to have to look into the newer version.

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I don't think there is a new

I don't think there is a new version of the Intellitouch. Just the same PT-1 and PT-2 that they've had for years.

It would be great of OBR could come out with a tuner as well built as the Intellitouch that incorporated the popular features of the Intelli an other popular imports (the smaller size, more versatile clip and faster locking especially).

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All three of my

All three of my IntelliTouch's are in the junk drawer, replaced by Intelli500's.

For sale- three slightly used Intellitouch tuners- $25.

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IntelliTouch vs TuneTech TT-500 (used to be Intelli-500)

I gave up the ghost on the IntelliTouch after the thing broke for the 5th time about 6 years ago. Have been using the mini since and only needed the 1...no broken parts, only replaced battery 1 time and have sold one to all of my students and many of my friends. The best thing is its small, doesn't cost too much, is reliable, can be used on stage with electric instruments all around or acoustic.

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Intellitouch vs. Intelli-500

I noticed Intelli 500s at jams,
and I liked the size and brightness of the screen,
so I got one. I have not seen many Intellitouch tuners being used for fiddle.

My initial problem was that I prefer to tune by plucking.
That way, if you come late to a jam and the music is already going,
you can tune without causing a disturbance.
To tune this way, I found you have to attach the tuner to
the neck just below the nut, and it helps if you have the sensor on the same side as the strings you are tuning, so I tune the A and E with the tuner body sticking out to the right, and the G and D with the tuner body sticking out to the left.

I also discovered that the Intelli is not quite as accurate as my Matrix
SR-1000 Guitar tuner. That has a genuine needle display.
I tune the E string on the high E note, then the A,D, and G to their respective notes. I use that one at home when I want accuracy for recording.

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I was given one and use it as a bkup. I've only used it a few times.
It seems hard to use. My peterson strobe does the best job. Saying that I bought one of those cheap clip-on's "oaysis"? It is very forgiving but not as accurate as the Peterson you must use your ears also. But the convenience is worth alot. So for critical applications(paid gigs, recording etc.) The peterson comes out. Most other "sessions" I like the convenience.

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Intelli IMT-500 & Intellitouch...I use them both...And they both well on my smaller instruments guitars, banjo and mandolins, etc...BUT...One my upright... The 500 is sometimes finicky about tuning my "A" string...If I move it around a bit it'll work...So it's actually okay...BUT...I can see where...Being smaller...It would be nicer on the mandos & smaller things, etc...

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The Intellitouch PT10 "Mini" model

The Intellitouch vs. Intelli thread is very helpful to read. None of these comments are lost on me and, yes, I hear all of you when you describe the Intelli's bright green backlight and it's quickness. I have been a fulltime musician since '74 and in '96 invented the Intellitouch. I have a shop in Dallas, TX, where we build 'em by hand here every day. But, -hey!- competition keeps progress going and we want to stay in the game, so over the last two years we have been working on two new models of Intellitouch tuner and I am now a week away from having ready the first of the new two tuners. It is called the PT10 Mini and it is *very* small and compact, and has a backlight equally as bright as the IMT-500. The price is down to $29 and it has lifetime warranty. Much better clamp and more durable than the PT1. I can promise you it is more accurate by far than the IMT-500.

To those of you who have migrated to the IMT-500, please give us another chance and try our PT10 "Mini" when you see one- then feed me back your opinions. To those of you using our PT1 or PT2 Intellitouch, let me explain that the response is faster and does not false to the third harmonic as did the PT1.

Please don't think of this email as spam. We want to stand behind our offering to the community, and I need all the feedback I can get.

Re: The Intellitouch PT10 "Mini" model


We very much appreciate your joining the conversation here on folkjam.org and in bringing the perspective of your considerable and unique experience to this particular thread.

I know how difficult it is to be the pioneer in anything, particularly to do with technology and also that the achievements and ongoing merits of the original can be easily forgotten in the fireworks of competition. I have noticed several competitors in this space lately even beyond Intelli from companies like Crafter and Planet Waves but they all seem to fit the basic pattern that you laid down in the original.

I'm sure there may be some differences in the core sensing system of these models but from what I can tell, they mostly differ on features of the display screen and the shape of the clip. These can be important details (particularly the back-lit feature) but overall I think anyone would agree that the most important factors in selecting a clip-on tuner are the ease of application and adjustment and of course the overall accuracy and consistency of the tone measurement.

I am looking forward to seeing the PT10 out there soon and now that I know its pedigree, I'll almost certainly pick one up for one of my cases.

Thanks again for joining us here and do keep us posted on the latest from your shop.

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Intellitouch vs. Intelli

Thanks, Shawn, thanks. I will need all the feedback I can get about the new little PT10 "Mini" tuner.

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Very cool!

Very cool to hear about this new tuner, and I'm anxious to get one!

I hope you can continue to make and support them in the US with the same quality as the PT-1 at that price.

By the way, the website shows the price as $39.95. Has it gone down, or do you expect $29 to be the 'street price'?


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The Intellitouch PT10 "Mini" model

Hi ApK,

Thanks for checking out the website. Yes, the retail price is $39.95 and, based on how the dealers like to discount, we expect the street price will end up about $29.95.

One cool thing about it is that when it is out of tune the backlight glows red, but when the string snaps into tune, the backlight glows green. This will make tuning much quicker, you can do with your peripheral vision. And it is very small, compact and quick. I can hardly wait to get out to some of the festivals to show it and get some feedback on it.

We are DEFINATELY supporting them here with the same attitude and resources with with we support out PT1 (and everything we make). We put a "no questions asked" lifetime warranty. After all, we are musicians, too, and we buy gear. We want to give the type of support that we would always want to get.

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Here's a crazy idea for the OBR folks...

It seems that a lot of folks say they've relegated their Intellitouch tuners to the junk drawer.

Wouldn't it be cool if OBR had some sort of introductory trade-in program, where current owners could send back their tuners and get a PT10?

Then OBR could donate the returned PT-1 and 2 tuners to some tax deductible music organization.....

Just a thought!


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Intellitouch Trade Program


We love it! It is a great idea! We are gonna do it.

So, send us any Intellitouch tuner, working or not, with $20 and we will send back a new PT10 Intellitouch "Mini" shipping included. How 'bout that?

This will especially help those former Intellitouch users whose PT1 or PT2 are not doing them any good anymore and let them get some value for it.

Send it to our address below. We will send you back a new PT10 Mini the same day we receive your mailing.

Intellitouch Trade In Program
1321 Valwood Parkway, Suite 440
Carrollton, TX 75006

If anyone has questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email us at hello@tuners.com or call us at 800-340-8890.

And, let's all thank ApK for a great idea.

What fun!

Mark Wilson
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Up in the thread, I ask for a smaller, faster tuner with better clip, and we get the PT10. Then I suggest a trade-in program and it happens.

As cool is all that is, if I knew you were granting wishes, I'd have set my sights considerably higher. Do I get a third? How's OBR doing on the World Peace or unlimited wealth fronts?

Seriously, though, if you really did take my suggestion, as opposed to it just being coincidence (like the new tuner) then I'm tickled!

May I mention this offer on the Mandolin Cafe and elsewhere?


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Intellitouch Trade In Program!

You bet, ApK, *please* talk it up everywhere you can. We may extend it because I can't think of a reason it could not go on longer, but we are saying the offer is good until the end of this year.

Actually, we had not considered anything like that before, but it makes great sense. And, when I read your suggestion, I immediately liked it.

After you made the suggestion, we had a little meeting here at the shop and talked it through. No one could come up with any reason why a trade in program wouldn't be good for us and our users. It didn't take a lot of time to figure it out, either. (The benefit of having a small company)

World peace, oh yea, we'll figure that out this afternoon! I think it will have something to do with music... :)

aka Mark Wilson

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Yes: Wow!!

Thank you Mark, for responding to such a great idea! And thank YOU, ApK, for asking such a seemingly obvious question... that nobody else thought of!

(Well yes, I DO have an ulterior motive here, but I'll get to that in a moment.)

I had long been happy with my '91-era non-clip-on tuner, and recently bought an F-Zone (clone?) clip-on from Stewart McDonald, the luthier-supply folks and really like it. I never understood all the frustration until several months ago, when I borrowed ApK's mandolin, with tuner, and... yup, yer all correct!

The F-Zone does something similar to what ApK had suggested: "... when the string snaps into tune, the backlight (should change color)". Rather than change color, the F-zone's pointer doubles in thickness and responds more slowly, so it lacks the jitter while still providing the accuracy. It's almost as if an analog tuner's swinging pointer had a variable mass, making it more stable just when it needs to be.

My ulterior motive?

I'd been toying with the idea of asking Homespun Tapes if they'd provide an exchange of old VHS lessons for the new DVD's, maybe at some nominal fee like their DVD cost plus postage? And now I actually have some ammuintion to go ahead and try! THANKS, y'all!

- New2Mando
a/k/a Ed Hanrahan


Thanks for helping make the music world better. I remember the pre-tuner days when we were fiddling with tuning as much as playing music! Now we can spend much more time playing, in tune even, than tuning. I look forward to the new PT10 Mini arriving on the scene.


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Intellitouch Tuners

Hello Mandojazzer. Seeing how quickly OnBoard has responded I'm willing to come back to the fold. I'm placing an order tomorrow for two of the new ones and will report back soon.


Doc Roberts

PT10 tuner is a big step forward

After learning about the PT10 from this thread, I jumped and got me one. They done good. :-)

It is very quick to respond, quite noticeably faster than the Intelli.

It is more accurate/precise than the Intelli and PT1.

It reads a guitar's bass E string as an E (often other clip-on tuners read the harmonic B).

The display is head and shoulders above any other design I've seen. The note is shown (E, A, etc.) along with a virtual needle, in a nice bright screen that is easily visible even in bright surroundings, and readable even at an angle. The screen is red until the needle centers, at which point it turns green. You don't actually have to watch the needle other than to see whether you're sharp or flat. Once you approach the note, you're just looking for the color change. It may not sound like much, but not having to concentrate on exactly where the needle is demands less of your attention and makes it really easy to use.

The physical design is good. It's nicely compact and has a good scissor-action (just squeeze it) clip with dual pivots. It can be readily angled to read comfortably, yet packs up flat making it easy to pocket or to store.

I would say OnBoard Research has brought us to the next generation of clip-on tuners, and done a fine job of it.

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Intellitouch PT10 Mini feedback

Thanks, GaryT, thanks. We need all the feedback we can get.

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I have been using the

I have been using the Intelli Imt-500 for several years(on a 5 string banjo)with mixed results, so I was especially interested to hear that the PT-10 might be an improvement. I found one on line for $29 with free shipping, so I immediately ordered one. When it arrived I installed the included battery and turned it on...nothing. I reinstalled the battery several times and finally got the unit to turn on, but the screen would show only partial lettering. Experience told me it was probably the battery, so I purchased a new battery. This time it powered right up and the screen looked fine. When attempting to tune a string, the first pluck might show 20 cents flat. The second pluck...20 cents sharp. The 3rd and 4th...somewhere in between (all without touching the tuneing peg). I have tried moving the tuner to different locations, and varying the way the string is plucked, all with the same results. It will not even pick up the 5th string at all no matter what the location or how it is plucked.

Being out of work, I searched for the best deal I could find, but now find myself with a tuner I really can't use. I know these are guaranteed for life, but I would quickly see the money I "saved" lost in shipping the unit back (plus $8 for return shipping). Not to mention the cost of the new battery I had to buy. I'm just saying my experience with this tuner has not been too good. Your mileage may vary.

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PT10 Intellitouch

Hi Phrailin,

I don't know what is wrong with that PT10 of yours, but something is sure amiss with it. *PLEASE* send it back to us and we will send you one that works properly. Don't worry about the $8 handling fee, it should not apply to this type of thing. The handling fee only applies to breakages. We have been getting very good reactions from banjo players, such as Greg Cahill of the Special Consensus. Steve Kaufman is loving it, as did 250 of his Kaufman Kampers this spring, so their tuners must be working well for that to be the case. Something is funky with the unit you have. Please print your comment above and my comment here, and include the printout with the tuner, as well as your return address. Give us a chance to make it right. We are musicians here, and we buy gear with our money, too. We want the stuff we buy to work properly and last a long time, and we expect our stuff to do the same.

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PT10 Intellitouch

Hi MandoJazzer,
The tuner has been packed and sent to you. I figured there must be a glitch somewhere when it wouldn't pick up the 5th string even when it was attached to the 5th string tuning peg. It is nice to know you stand behind your product. Hopefully the next one will work properly. Thank you.


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I have both an Intelli500

I have both an Intelli500 and a PT-1. I prefer the compact design and the virtual needle. I LOVE the service I get from Onboard for my PT-1. I have actually "converted" back a former PT-1 user then Intelli user, not PT-1 user pointing out a couple of benefits. I saw the new mini's at the WVF last week and almost bought one. I wish I had known about the trade in, I would have at least asked about it. I like my PT-1, it has been a faithful friend on those long Winfield nights of jamming, but because of the clip on it I usually use my intelli there. The PT-1 clips on my guitar great but my mando has a beveled edge on the headstock and it just doesn't have enough space to stay on. The Intelli because of the difference in how it clips, does. I actually broke the battery door on one road jam a few years ago because it slid off. That was when I noticed how poorly it stayed on the mando. The beautiful side of the story is when I took it in the next day for a battery change, I got the door replaced for free. In fact, I hadn't noticed that the hinge was cracking and I got a whole new arm put on it! This was all part of the warrantee! I was not expecting that but it made me faithful to the Intellitouch brand. I wish I had known a couple of months ago that the mini was going to be available or I would NOT have bought my intelli tuner! I really pushed the idea of buying the better brand at the festival this year, I hope you sold plenty of mini's!

PT10 is well done

When I asked the question at the top of this thread about who else was moving away from their classic Intellitouch tuners, I had no idea where this thread would go. Having gotten rid of my original PT, I had nothing to trade in.

I was at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield last week and took the opportunity to pick up a PT10. I'm a fan - I like the size and how well it works on my fiddle, something the original Intellitouch did poorly.

Nicely done Mark and the team at Intellitouch.

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I have had my Intellitouch

I have had my Intellitouch PT-10 for a couple weeks now and I love it. I love the size, it's accurate and it can mount under/behind the peg head. I think its great.

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I am torn though, I hate to

I am torn though, I hate to trade mine in when only $10 will get me an additional one. My old one still works fine and this would allow me to let my daughter who's starting violin next week to use a tuner and me not worry so much about her loosing mine. Although, I would still prefer he to use the pitch pipe she has for a while, maybe just double check on the tuner when she's done. There is still a lot to be said for having to tune by ear and what it does for your ear development. I am going to have to buy a mini one way or the other though!

tuning by ear is important

ldzepplin - I agree entirely about learning to tune by ear. I use the clip-on tuners at jam sessions where it's hard to get a quiet place to tune by ear. When I'm at home I use a tuning fork, and when I'm at orchestra rehearsal I tune to the oboe.

The smaller PT fits in my violin case far better than the original one did.

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Another vote for the PT-10

Much faster and more accurate than the cheaper ones. I have tried many, and the original intellitouch and the PT-10 are the only ones i use anymore.

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The directions for the tuner say to not use a pick.

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Horses for courses

I find my intellitouch works better on some instruments, and the 500 better on others. If I had to use just one, I'd probably go with the 500, although I have found the little black square gets lost MUCH easier in the bottom of a "Miscellaneous Stuff and Junk" satchel than the somewhat bigger white bar of the intellitouch. I have one instrument that defeats both, so my MS&J satchel includes a microphone based tuner and I keep an eye out for a quiet spot.

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I read these posts with huge interest. These posts cover a two year period. I myself also had an Intellitouch PT1. One got left at a friends house for years and another I managed to bust within weeks. When it first came out I loved it. Right now I have reverted back to using my Korg CA 30 and am deciding on my next clip on tuner. This last post was written in 2009. Since then the industry has hugely expanded on choices, styles and budgets. I think it is great the company accepts returns re: Intellitouch Trade Program. Over this subject I had started a website on guitar tuners. Initially this started out of concern for the beginning guitar player but then it turned into something different. It has been a wonderful learning process for me. Myself I play the mandolin and acoustic guitar so that has been my perspective. I really appreciate the attitude that the Intellitouch company has displayed in these posts. It was them that came out with this idea in the first place and that is respected. Might you have the time or inclination you might check out http://www.theguitartunershop.com/ as I am always looking for experiences and perspectives. Thanks-


My Intellitouch quit working right after a year or so. It just doesn't seem to care. I'm happy with a Tune Tech TT500, although a new battery came out in my case and shorted itself out. At least it didn't start a fire. The battery compartment is taped shut now.
I'd be even happier if I could tune by ear, but that's not an option in a noisy bar or a jam, and I seem to have lost the knack anyway.

My intellitouch took a walk

My intellitouch took a walk after I left it clipped to a music stand (black tuner on black stand in a black orchestra pit with no lights = clever camouflague). Anyway, I used it on my cello, and it was passable. I found it to be accurate compared to a Peterson strobe. However, it was slow to respond. It also didn't like my low C and G strings, so I had to play the octave harmonic on those strings to get it to respond.

A few months ago I got another clip-on, a Snark SN-5 for "guitar, bass and violin". It is inaccurate compared to the orchestra oboe's A, and to my guitar tuner. It is extremely slow when it works at all, and really doesn't like my low C and G. Maybe I got a dud, but I wouldn't buy it again.

Being an engineer, I think I know how these clip-on tuners work. They are better designed for an impulse tone like a plucked string, and not so much for a constant tone like a bowed string. That's my guess. I'll bet the Peterson clip-on has the processing power to do it right, but I don't have the wallet power to find out.

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My intellitouch took a walk

I had three Intellitouch tuners (at once), but have gone to the Snark SN-2(the red one).
Snark makes other cheaper models ($10)with no microphone, but sometimes I use the microphone when working out harmonies with my band.
It also has a metronome, which I find useless because it's silent, just a flashing light.
In my case, I tune fiddle, upright bass, guitar, and pannywhistle with it.
Intellitouch is an "Averaging" tuner, meaning that if you "pick-pick-pick" while turning the tuning peg on a guitar, you'll have trouble getting an accurate reading, since it will average them all. You need to pick, give it time to read, adjust, then pick again.
So needless to say, it could be better on a bowed instrument unless you pluck the strings, the same way. But a fiddle string gives a slightly different note when plucked than when bowed.
Snark SN-2 reads a bowed note, AND has less trouble with the "E" string on a bass than any other I've seen.
In addition, it will read a chord, sometimes handy for identifying a fiddle double-stop or vocal harmony.

.If you play an "A" note with an "F#", it will display "D" (the chord) rather than either of the notes played together to make it. That has been more handy than I would have thought.
Also, when you turn them off, they are off. I've seen some tuners which use the on-off switch to toggle between vibration & microphone. To turn it off when it's on vibration, you have to press it twice.
I often press the button once, then accidentally leave it on for a while unnecessarily.
Also, it's hard to set the Snark to frequency-bases other than A-440. I never use anything else, and HATE it when I accidentally set a tuner to A-442 then get tuned up and playing before I notice it. THAT was the reason I bought my first Snark to begin with.
They have a VERY versatile clamping system, which fits them on a fiddle's scroll just fine, but you DO need to get on securely or it doesn't read as well. It also fits on an upright bass's bridge just fine.
The clamp is a little fragile, but even though big-box music stores sell them for $25-40, they can be had for $14 delivered, on Ebay.
I always figured that my URB would wear out the clamp on my Intellitouch, because the wood in the bridge legs is so thick, but in six years, it never did.
The Snark has a big clamp that I don't worry about, plus I can actually clamp it on the barrel of my pennywhistle, and use it for tuning that too!

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