Tuners: Intelli vs. Intellitouch

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Tuners: Intelli vs. Intellitouch

The Intellitouch vs. Intelli thread is very helpful to read. None of these comments are lost on me and, yes, I hear all of you when you describe the Intelli's bright green backlight and it's quickness. I have been a fulltime musician since '74 and in '96 invented the Intellitouch. I have a shop in Dallas, TX, where we build 'em by hand here every day. But, -hey!- competition keeps progress going and we want to stay in the game, so over the last two years we have been working on two new models of Intellitouch tuner and I am now a week away from having ready the first of the new two tuners. It is called the PT10 Mini and it is *very* small and compact, and has a backlight equally as bright as the IMT-500. The price is down to $29 and it has lifetime warranty. Much better clamp and more durable than the PT1. I can promise you it is more accurate by far than the IMT-500.

To those of you who have migrated to the IMT-500, please give us another chance and try our PT10 "Mini" when you see one- then feed me back your opinions. To those of you using our PT1 or PT2 Intellitouch, let me explain that the response is faster and does not false to the third harmonic as did the PT1.

Please don't think of this email as spam. We want to stand behind our offering to the community, and I need all the feedback I can get.

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where can you order your PT 10 mini?

does it use standeard batteries?

Greg McCarty

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Greg and I both have one now and we love it. They really are accurate and I love the size. These things are great!

Martin D18VS Recording King RD227

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>>where can you order your

>>where can you order your PT 10 mini?<<
It should be fairly widely available at this point.
Here the link to it at Musician's Friend.


You can also get it direct from OBR at www.tuners.com

>>does it use standard batteries?

It uses a single CR2032 cell.

Battery life is a bit of an unknown quantity still.
I had one sent to me with a low bat that died after a few weeks.
(OBR offered to send me some replacement cells and asked me to report back on how long they last.)

I am also looking forward to PT30, which is expected to be out before the end of the year.


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>>does it use standard batteries?

For whatever it's worth, my FZone tuner from Stew-Mac uses similar battery and software to the PT10. (Instead of changing color, the pointer doubles thickness and moves much more deliberately when it's on-note; that's different from the look-alikes).

I just changed the battery after 15 months of continual use, including several times of inadvertantly leaving it on during a jam. (As with many, it will turn off on its own after 3 minutes of no signal, or I can/should turn it off).

The 2032 cell was easy to find, sold in pairs so there's now a backup!


- Ed

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