Truck stop jam

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Truck stop jam

Ha driver| I am on the road most of the time and can't attend local jams.I was wondering if drivers who cover the mid west and east Carry an instrument with them and if time permits might want to meet for parking lot picking at the petro.I know it's a long shot, that two could cross paths,but I miss jamming so much it would do wonders for my moral.If you are out there drop me a line.

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Truck Stop Jam

Hey there,
I'm not a trucker, but if you're ever in the South Central Missouri area, you can stop at the Midwest Truck Stop (inbetween Willow Springs and Cabool, Missouri) on a Sunday evening. They have a bluegrass jam in the truckstop starting around 7:30 or 8. It's a lot of fun, and we would love to have you.

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You might try a post on the

You might try a post on the Mandolin Cafe. Several trucker members have mentioned that they take their mandos along and practice at the rest stops. It has a section specifically for finding jams, mostly by general location, as is done here, but a "moveable location" should work!

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