Thanks to our early contributors

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Thanks to our early contributors

We've only been 'open' to contributors for a week now and do appreciate the handful of people who have contributed jams to The early feedback we have received has been very valuable to us. We've made several changes, mostly minor, to as a result.

We are by no means done. In the next week or two we expect to have a much cleaner navigation scheme in place and more consistent visuals for the site as well as several new pieces of functionality. The most recent addition has been the simplification of navigation - the opportunity to change your location is now presented on every display that has local content. By Monday we will also be offering the option of changing location based on city name OR postal code, and we'll be correctly detecting most cities outside of the United States.

Please keep the jams coming and the feedback flowing. If you are going to be at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas next week stop by to say hello. We'll be at the base of the power station hill south of 14th street in a camp that is bound to have a few logos spread around it. Look for Scott's blue Mini.

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