Thanks for the information and hospitality!

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Thanks for the information and hospitality!

Thanks to the many involved. I have to travel around a bit and have always had trouble finding a good jam, until finding folkjam that is. Two trips in two months and 3 good jams thanks to the help of this site. Where each jam has its own particular flavor, all the musicians involved were friendly, courtious and encouraging. It's music as it should be, help if you can, be helped if you need. May the circle be unbroken! A special thanks to Handlebars in Greenville SC, Jack's picking palor in Williamston SC and tonight's Australian Bakey jam in Marietta GA. All were great experiences with some really nice people. When I finish here I'll start looking for next month's jams in Boulder Co. Hopefully things will go just as good!


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Yes, a great resource!

Jack -

He's too modest to say it himself, so...

Scott M., who runs this site, is also a recurrent traveler. He had tracked down jams wherever he went, made up a semi-formal list for which there turned out to be actual demand, and it "just growed" into this site... with LOTS of work on his part. So it shouldn't be TOO surprising that Folkjam worked out well for you!

Got to meet him a year ago when he attended the Jersey Jam's 5-year anniversary event that probably would not have happened but for his efforts here, as well as local organizer Andy. So here's MY big thanks to both Scott and Andy:


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