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Support outside of the United States is two weeks old today (or nine+ months if you count our development time). Our first goal was to have support for the United States in place with international support a few months later. We are prepared to receive jam postings from outside of the United States, but the site has a few limitatations that you should know about before you post a jam, festival or camp from another country.

  • Our display will not correctly show the country, region and city for your post.
  • Our geocoding (translation of a street address into a latitude/longitude) services are not all in place outside of the US.
  • Our RSS and local jam report features require a country code / post code pair that can be translated into a latitude/longitude to function (we do have an RSS feed that is lat/lon based which you can use today). We do not have a database in place to translate from a country code / postal code to lat/lon outside of the US at the moment. We are working on this. Update 5 Oct 06: We have reworked our feeds to work in most of the world and are now able to retrieve a city and country name from most lat/lon values. The local jam report has also been updated and should now work properly anywhere you are in the world. Please report errors to our support forum.
  • We are not currently pulling back city and region names for users outside of the US, so your screens show "jams near 83.22323/-74.223232", which is not very pretty. We will resolve this soon too. Update 6 Oct 06: We have added lat/lon to city,region,country name resolution for most of the world.

If you post a jam that is outside of the United States we will enable a special feature for your account that replaces address to lat/lon translation. Instead you use a Google map to interactively pick the location of your jam, festival or camp from a map. Once that feature is enabled for your user account, you will be able to position your jam on the globe, which is something we'll ask you to do as part of publishing your contribution.

We appreciate your support. If you see features that do not work outside of the US that have not been described here, please post the details in our support forum so that we can correct the problem. improves with your help.

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