Some statistics

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Some statistics

As this collection of user contributed acoustic jams, festivals and workshops/camps has grown we started getting curious just how big it was. While Shawn and I can go look directly at the database that drives, we thought it would be nice to share this with the community of users that contributed the details in the first place.

We now have an always-up-to-date display on our front page, just below the local jam overview map. This shows all future events, so don't be surprised as numbers go up and down.

I'm really pleased that we have had over 300 contributions from eight different countries since we opened the site in September 2006. When Shawn and I first started thinking about this site in 2005 we figured we would just use it to collect information on jams in Kansas City and a few destinations around the US. As time went by we increased our scope, and I'm glad we did.

What other statistics do you think we should add to our new front page display?

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