Small Portable Digital Recorder

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Small Portable Digital Recorder

I'm TASCAM or Sony digital recorder for recording jams and livingroom sessions. Anybody ever use one or own one? Looking for an advice or opinions. - -- -Big AL

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I have an Olympus LS10 that I

I have an Olympus LS10 that I use for recording myself playing, tunes I want to learn, my kids doing random things. I really like it. The sound quality is great, and it is easy to copy to my computer and save.

I'm not sure of any comparisons - I bought the Olympus at auction on a whim and am glad I did, but I did not do any sort of comparison shopping.

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Cool, thats what I want to use it for jams and livingroom sessions. You ever post them up on FB or anywhere?

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I have a Sony ICD-PX 720 digital recorder I like really well. Very small. Fits in shirt pocket along with cell phone. Records in a number of formats. Can record many hours of sound. Cost about $65 at Wal-Mart. Very small built-in speaker does not produce high-quality sound, of course, but can plug in earphones or dump to computer via USB cable and get very good sound.

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I have a Zoom that I use to

I have a Zoom that I use to practice but can't play it back except thru the computer. I also have a Sony pocket recorder but it doesn't do the trick either.

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Al, my wife gave me a "flip video" digital camera. It is size of a cell phone. I took it to some jams and got amazing video and sound. The price is a little over a 100 dollars for one that will hold up to 4 hours of material. The quality of the video and sound for the money is great. Easily downloads on your computer and allows you with a little software to burn to a dvd.
also allows you to capture photos from the video and print them. Camera comes with internal software and usb port to directly plug into computer. Also has hookup to your tv. A small screen and sound play back is also on camera so you can instantly view or share with others. Also has software to allow you to e-mail your videos to friends. I just set it up on a tripod and let it roll. Music is best if camera within 15 feet of source. Has small zoom capability.

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