simple question tough to answer

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simple question tough to answer

this is a beginner <<< why do " some " violin,viola,cello players make funny faces while they play ? you know ( wide eye look,toungue stuck out,) you get the idea.

I do know why they close there eyes, to feel the music not see it !

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I'd say concentration. It's

I'd say concentration. It's probably the same thing that causes people to do these things with their faces when concentrating on anything.

My wife says..

My wife says my tongue is always hanging out when I'm picking guitar. However, when I play the 5 string I've caught myself drooling. Is this natural or only for banjo pickers?

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Why faces?

For guitar players, the question is pretty thoroughly covered here:

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banjo drooling

Caught myself doing the same thing. I thought I had a small stroke or something. Only happened when playing my banjo. Concentration might explain it but why not have same thing happen doing other tasks requiring concentration? I keep a small towel nearby to clean banjo if necessary. Kind of disgusting to have it happen while performing. Glad to know, however, other pickers noticing same symptom.

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banjo drooling

Hey, if you're drooling, you're not're playing!!!!

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well is all about life keep cool.

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Lightning's like the old question:

"Why do bagpipe players always walk around when they play?"

answer: TO GET AWAY FROM THE "NOISE"! of course!!


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