Shawnee, KS JAM

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Shawnee, KS JAM

A brand new Jam Group kicked off with GREAT success Feb 20th in Shawnee, KS!

Despite the snow storm outside, the newly formed Sunnyside Jam was attended by a VERY healthy group of pickers and singers. Everybody had a fine time and we all met some really nice folks.

Thanks to Gary Foster for organizing this recurring jam in Shawnee, KS.

Watch the calendar and join us in March!!


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I hope to make it next month.

Will spread the word.


Yup, I'll try to be there.

Yup, I'll try to be there.

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Shawnee Jam

I am a new member interested in old country and gospel jams would appreciate some info and exact location. I play pedal steel. Thank you My e-mail is

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Shawnee Jam special update

After two jams under our belt I have come to the conclusion that I really must remind folks that this jam is about Old Time and Bluegrass related material. This is what I am interested in playing as are others. From now on I must be clear about that. While I have enjoyed the playing of those who have not come to play those kind of songs, this is not why I go to the trouble to facilitate this jam.

I am open to starting yet another Jam for those folks who need a place to jam with a more open material list. If you are interested in a new jam along those lines let me know. I am not sure I have the energy to do two jams but am willing to look at it. Call me and let me know.

So, from now on, songs must be at least somewhat related to Old Time and Bluegrass. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Shawnee Jams

Let me know if you (or others) get a more open tunes jam.

Going to Lenexa, Kansas ... Saturday Morning Jam this weekend.

Hope you get some fiddle players. There were two awesome ones at the Greenwood Terrace last Saturday. Martha was there, but she played flute that morning.

aka lips deutsch

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I am seriously thinking of

I am seriously thinking of also having an open acoustic jam as well. I just don't know if I should duplicate what is already available at Gregs place which is a very fine jam.

What's Greg's Place... Lots

What's Greg's Place...

Lots of choices this Saturday Night...Your fun jam...and a new one I just heard about "That Gospel Thang".

fisher of men and member of Shawnee's Grace Christian Fellowship Praise and Worship Band

That Gospel Thang....

Hi Harris, I mean Lipps :)

We've jamed severtimes together. Don't know if you remember who I am, but just wanted to let you know about "That Gospel Thang" jam. It was started, and run, by Peter Gross. He had the first jam about a month or so ago. It's just gospel stuff. I went to the first and I'll probably go this Saturday night as well. It's a different kind of group. Nice folk, but different. You should go at least once and see if you like it. They say that they plan on several more like this, but they plan to move it aroud several different churches in KC. Oh, by the way, I really like the dummy. Richard.

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Hi Richard.. are an asset to all the jams I have attended.

For some reason I got the Gospel Thang dates messed up in my head.

My beloved wife, Annie and I have a date tomorrow. Will try to make a future one.

About every other Sunday, I am blessed to play harp with our Praise and Worship Team at Grace Christian Fellowship Church..(about 72nd and Quivira in Shawnee..)..Praise team starts about 10 AM

err lips deutsch

Harris, Hi, sorry you

Hi, sorry you couldn't make it. It was a little light, only about 7 people showed up, but we had a good time. Don't know when the next one is or where, but I'm sure it will get posted on folkjam. Keep playing that harp and bringing laughter with that dummy :);)

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The Catholic Top 40 and That Gospel Thang Jam

Richard, Thanks for getting the word out about the jam. Melvin is going to host the next two at his church "Saint Monica" ruffly about 19th and Vine. in KC., MO. I will be posting soon. I should know dates by Friday.

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