september 9-21 jam sites

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september 9-21 jam sites

Hello Folkjammers,

I would appreciate locations of jam sites in southern Pennsylvania and West Virginia from September 9 to September 21. We are taking a car camping trip and hoping to hear some old music.


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Finding jams in PA and WV

Hi rosalind,

The easiest way to find what you are looking for on folkjam is to pop a nearby city or town into the text box at the top of this page next to the "search city" button. Selecting a city in this way will provide a listing which actually covers a wide area around the city that you select.

Once you have selected a city using the search box then you can either look at the front page of the website (now centered on that city) for a quick overview of what is going on in that area or you can navigate to this page: which will provide a complete listing, sorted by date. You can then repeat those steps for any other cities or towns that are near to where you will be traveling.

I'm sure that others might have some more specific suggestions and reviews of particular events but hopefully these steps will get you started in searching through all of the listings that we currently have available.

Hope that helps!


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