rss feed users - read about a minor change

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rss feed users - read about a minor change

For sites using our RSS feeds to embed jam/camp/festival content on their pages, please be aware of a minor change we are making to our RSS feeds that are sorted by upcoming event date.

Presently, this feed will show every date for each recurring jam up to the limit of events you asked for on your feed. For example, if you ask for a feed of ten items and there is only one jam on your feed, we will show that same jam ten times with each of the next ten dates for that jam.

We are changing this to list the next upcoming date for each jam, but to only list the next upcoming session date, rather than repeating all future dates. We are making this change for two reasons.

First, we believe the listings are easier to read this way. As our listings have grown we have noticed that the RSS feeds begin to look cluttered as weekly events dominate the list and hide monthly or less regular events. We will be making a similar change to our front page upcoming jams list soon for this same reason.

Second, we have been working on performance tuning on the site. We are reworking many of our displays to perform a little faster - an important bit of work for any site that expects to grow substantially. We've doubled our traffic in the past two months and are preparing to double again. Without going into our specific stats, we are making changes that reduce the processing time it takes to create our feeds by 1000 times. It is a pretty substantial set of improvements we are making, and this change in policy helps make those improvements possible.

Please let us know what you think of this change.

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