resonator guitar

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resonator guitar

Gots a Fender FR 48 steel guitar and the resonator rattles a lot. I'm thinkin' about opening her up and seeing if some screws might be missing. I'm afraid of messing it up though. I'm wondering if I should do this myself or pay for some repair service to do such a simple thing? Any suggestions?
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resonator guitar

Search for a resonator guitar web site, and see if members there have experience with repairs. Or possibly there is a Fender web site. I think a site dedicated to reso's would be a better place to try. If they can install it, it can probably be removed & reinstalled or tightened, but I don't know anything personally. I seem to recall reading something about loose screws in some brand of resonator a good while back.

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resonator repaired

(Thanks for the suggestions Paul) Got the name of a Fender dealer from the website, like you mentioned, near my home in Bryan, Texas. I took it in to have screws put in and they replaced my bridge/saddle with a higher one. Whan I picked it up (and paid 'em $53 for doing it) they told me that they weren't able to put screws into the resonator and to go to Ace Screw and Bolt to get screws. I did and it cost me 75 cents. Hmm. I put them in myself and the slide guitar works perfectly. I guess I'm satisfied with the new bridge, the 1st string don't stay stay in its slot sometimes. Fifty-three dollars was a lot to pay for a bridge. They sell for $10 or $15 on ebay. But at least I'm jammin' now.

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