Ramsey, NJ (north Jersey) jam anyone?

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Ramsey, NJ (north Jersey) jam anyone?

Hi There! I am putting my feelers out to North Jersey jammers to see how many might be interested in starting a weekly or bi-weekly jam here. I moved back to North Jersey 3 months ago and it is nearly impossible to find people who are interested in folk music here, much less a jam.

I have a meeting place in mind - a great space in a pub with good food and drink for those interested. I'm thinking an early weekday evening filled with all things acoustic, banjos, mando, dobro, guitars, washboard...very casual, respectful of solos, and all levels welcome. Especially singers.

I'd be happy to do the legwork of organizing, etc. All you need to do is show up and have fun. Thank you!

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Hi Lisa, I am a beginner in

Hi Lisa, I am a beginner in Mahwah and would be interested in joining in on my mando. Lynne

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Hi Lynne

Thanks so much for replying! I love the mandolin and would be so happy to get together. I don't know anyone else around here who plays, do you? If you do, I'd be happy to host at my place in Ramsey one night. I'm thinking if we could get maybe 2 or 3 more people to start with that would be enough to make a pretty good circle. :) What are some songs you think you might like to play?
Great to meet you, Lynne!

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Hi Lisa, There are a few

Hi Lisa, There are a few teachers I can call to see if they have students who would be interested. There used to be a guy in Nyack I heard was looking for a group, and there are teachers in Mahwah and Suffern. We would definitely need more people because I am rank beginner. Most of my "playing" is from the Fiddlers Fakebook. I play when I visit my son in KS and we attend different jams. There are so many people there I can play the chords I know and it doesn't affect the music :-).

There is a free outdoor bluegrass concert with crafts and a chili cook-off in Sloatsburg, NY Sept 19th 1-7pm. Harmony Hall-Jacob Sloat House, Eagle Valley & Liberty Rock Rds.

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Hi Lynne, That would be great

Hi Lynne,

That would be great to contact some teachers! I wish I had somebody, anybody to call around here. I will keep my ear to the ground..I might have another beginning mando player and a guitar player. I'm what you would call an "intermediate beginner" I suppose. I know some barre chords but am nowhere close to holding down a solo! We all have a lot to learn :)

Count me 100% in for that bluegrass concert. I'm not too far from Sloatsburg at all! Perhaps we could meet up that day and taste test some chili. Maybe just sitting and picking out some songs could attract other potential jammers. Whaddaya say?

Oh and feel free to write me at lisa.fairman76@gmail.com. Sometimes I go awhile without checking this.

Thanks Lynne!

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ramsey jam

Hi, I enjoying playing Bluegrass guitar (about 6 years now) and a friend and I travel to little Silver once a month to jam with others. As I live in Wayne, I'd enjoy meeting people in our area to get together with. Just let me know if interested. rmj2@optonline.net

Take care, Rob

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North Jersey jam

Hi, Lisa,
I live in Hillsdale and have been playing guitar, singing and songwriting my whole life (I'm a boomer). I would love to get together with other folks to jam. My musical interests are broad but my roots are PPM etc, Dylan and so on.

Please keep me posted on developments. My email is jan00018@aol.com

Great to find this community!


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north jersey jam

Hi Lisa,
i just joined folkjam with the hope of finding some people to play with. i play banjo and have been mostly interested in old-time music so far but would like to branch out with more folk as well. i'm in the Morristown area so getting up 287 should be no problem if you get enough folks willing to get together. thanks,



Hi Lisa,

I am a 5 string open back banjo player....folk (Kingston trio era) and old time music.

I would be interested in a folk music get together once or twice a month.


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Looking to jam

I'm a self-taught, "play-by-ear" accordionist from the 1940s who also favors old-time music by The Kingston Trio and similar groups.
Three years ago, I formed an instrumental/vocal trio called "The New Jersey Minstrels" whose motto is "Music To Bring Back Memories"; we rehearse weekly and do 15-20 paid gigs each year for senior audiences, mostly in nursing, assisted living and retirement homes.
I'm interested in jamming with others, however.
(201) 396-7267

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