Portable stand recommendations

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Portable stand recommendations

I've had the same sturdy portable stand for 25 years or more. It's not branded in any way. All I know is that my mom got it for me at Shar sometime in the 80s. It is starting to fail, mostly in the screws that hold the legs in place. While it is not beyond repair (tool and die - here I come!), I've been thinking I should probably start looking at alternative stands.

Here's what I love about this one.

1) It is sturdy. It's not one of the flimsy $18 stands that come in seven nice colors.

2) It has a broad range - four segments that allow it to be anywhere from about three feet to six feet tall.

3) The legs can be locked off with a very wide base, or a very narrow one.

4) It is very strong steel

5) It collapses down to be about 14" long and fits into a side pouch in my music bags.

What portable stand recommendations can you make?


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