The Oregon / CA Trail

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The Oregon / CA Trail

Hey folks, I just got hired to go on an reenactment of the old Oregon / California Trail. You know, the one the Donner family took back in 1846. Anyway, I'm supposed to play songs and tunes that would've been sung back then. I've found a few but is there anyone out there who could help? I'm a traditional Missouri fiddler (who likes to go to Scott & Shawn's jams without sheet music and create havoc!) so I'm hoping most of my tunes will suffice but I'm having a hard time finding anything that actually documents what was sung and danced to back then. Even if you know of a book I could read on the subject that would help immensely.

Happy Trails,


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maybe you could find tips

maybe you could find tips from that old game the oregon trail! jk, good luck with your search

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