New Gibson F9 Mandolin: want to trade for a Stelling or Deering banjo

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New Gibson F9 Mandolin: want to trade for a Stelling or Deering banjo

I have my brand new Gibson F9 mandolin up for trade that I bought just over a month ago at Morgan Music in Conway Missouri. This Mandolin has incredible bass response and volume, and will cut through any jam.... but I am no kind of mandolin player and am looking for a good Stelling or Deering Calico banjo. The mandolin is in excellent condition and comes with a deluxe hardshell case, which I had to pay extra for. I can provide all the original documentation; sales receipt, warrenty card, ect.... You will be the second person to own this mandolin. This is an awesome mando and needs to be in the hands of somebody who knows how to play the thing. I live in the Kansas City area and would prefer an in-person swap so we could both try out the instruments. See my ad on craigslist at:

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Gibson F9

Hi this is Bruce mandosonthemarsh. Are you interested in selling your Gibson F9? I have $1000 in cash plus maybe I can throw in something else you need to complete the deal. Thanks, Bruce.


I live in Gladstone and if you're not hell bent on the for mentioned, I have a John McEuen autographed on the inside round part, lol, Washburn B-16 I'd consider. It's in great shape, and I enjoy playing it, with a hard shell case. I replaced the clear head with a frosted one but for the autograph, a clear one could always be put back on. Just thought I'd toss that out to ya.

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