Moldy Jam Discussion

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Moldy Jam Discussion

Discussion of Moldy Jam relocated here from the jam listing. In early 2007 we decided to no longer allow comments on jam listings in favor of forums and are moving some older discussions that have become active again off listings and into forums.

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beginner guitarist looking for practice group

Help! I need motivation for learning guitar - I am new to it but have good sense of rythm and enjoy music. Thanks in advance!

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looking for jams

There are a number of open jams in the Madison area. Check out the listings on the website. Irish sessions are on 1st and 3rd Sundays at Willy Street Coop, 4th Sundays at Froth house. Old Time jams are alternating sundays at Alchemy Cafe. Bluegrass jam on Mondays at The Dry Bean. Call around for details, and jump in!

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where is the music

I just moved here and would like to get together with musicians
What should i do to accomplish this

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They do drink ALOT at this jam. They will case
you out to make sure you are a "fit" for the jam.
Hope you pass the prelims....

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re: ALOT of drinking (BTW, alot is not a word, just sayin')

The previous comment (from battss in Rockford) is from a disturbed person... If being around a group of predominantly professional people, some of whom might drink a beer during jam, would be offensive to you, then by all means take that into consideration. We are not teetotalers, nor are we drunks!

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Moldy Jam

They drink ALOT at this jam. And size you up to see if you fit.
Banjo plays very loud and lots of power stuggles in this amateur group.

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