Meguiar's alternative to scratch X swirl remover cleaner

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Meguiar's alternative to scratch X swirl remover cleaner

I pulled the MSDS for the Mirror Glaze Professional #M17 plastic cleaner and swirl remover to check for silicone content (couldn't attach the PDF), as well as th #10 polish and #18 detailer. Chemical nature components follow:
Light Distillate, Hydotreated Distillate, Natural Diatomaceous Earth, Glycerine was listed.

In speaking with Meguiar's this morning 949-752-5784 (11:43 AM Rick) the Mirror glaze plastic cleaners #17, #18, #10 and refinisher #09 have absoulutely NO SILICONE content.

Whew, I have used these for several months now with great results and was concerned.
He did confirm Scratch X does indeed have silicone.

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I have been using a cleaning solvent on all of my instruments. I was told to pick this stuff up by Bruce Weber of Weber Mandolins. It works great. I used it on my 1909 Martin and it pulled tons of stuff off of it that nothing else did. It also takes a lot of the swirl marks and scuffs that you get on a normal basis. It also has NO silicone or wax. You can get it at O'Reilly's. It is kind of expensive, about $23 a bottle. The smallest you can get is a quart. Which will take you a lifetime to go through. It is called "3M Imperial Hand Glaze" part number 05990. Mike W. P.S. DO NOT use this on hand rubbed oil finished instruments. It will soak into the wood. I learned the hard way. No damage was done it was just hard to clean it off.

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