Looking for mentor

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Looking for mentor

I am searching for an instructor, teacher, mentor and/or a friend from whom to learn fiddle styling. I am a very amateur violinist (hobby only). I have played on and off since 5th grade (42 now).

I am interested in learning basic fiddle style, technique and improvisational skills with the goal of becoming confident enough to jam with bluegrass, folk and Irish musicians.

I am also looking for amateur groups that regularly jam together.

I am located in Granger, IN (near South Bend).


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Joined: 26 Jan 2009
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Maybe I have a suggestion for you. It is how I got involved with and met a lot of nice people / bluegrassers. I laid off the guitar for a long time and wanted to get back into it. I heard about a couple of open bluegrass jams in my area. I went and got to know and got friendly with more and more people as time went on. And people at those places are always ready to share their knowledge of their instruments with others. I always see all different skill levels at these jams, and some places also offer slow jams for beginners. Maybe you can check out something like this in your area. Keep the faith, have fun, and good luck.
have you tried any of those DVD self instruction things?
I wish you well
and try to listen to as much of the music you like as you can, and try to develop your ear and copy some of the stuff you hear, probably starting with slow songs. Personally, I love fiddle music, so good luck!
: > )

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