Looking for Bluegrass or Acoustic Music pickers/singers

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Looking for Bluegrass or Acoustic Music pickers/singers

Looking for Bluegrass or Acoustic Music pickers/singers for possible jamming or to put together a high quality ensemble to play festivals and acoustic music venues.

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Banjo Player

I am a Banjo Player looking for a good Bluegrass Band to work with. I have play with bands before and easy to get along with. Would be willing to travel. I can play music ranging from J.D. Crowe to Sunny Osborne. My e-mail is eldon.adkins@sbcglobal.net

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Elect. Bass player , vocals looking for a, C/W ,standards, Jam

Iam looking for a group to jam with while i am in Tucson, I will be living in Marana. I am from Minnesota and spend my winters in Arizona.
1/1/2011 to 5/1/2011.
I play electric bass and do some vocals. My musical choice is Country Western and the standards (Bill Baley,Shanty in old ect.)
I would be willing to put together a jam group if there is enough local interest.Contact dennisdavidwalsh@msn.com

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Not that great a banjo picker

Live in Nasville, In between columbus and Bloomington. Looking for some intermediate pickers to get together with every once in a while to stumble over some songs.

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Warrensburg, Mo. US Looking for local jam

I live in Warrensburg, Mo. I just retired last March and
moved to this area. I'd like to find a friend or two or three,
intermediate pickers to jam with through the week and week-ends.
Bluegrass, and older country, and some acustic blues. I play guitar
regularly and alittle 5 string banjo.

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Local Jam

Looking for local musicians for jam band project, Old Time/Celtic/Folk banjo and guitar.


I live about 45 mins west of Warrensburg. I would like to find some people to jam with also. There was a group in Warrensburg called the schoolhouse jammers, that met every sunday from 3 to 5 pm. They may have shut down for the winter. I don't see them on the list now. I can probably get you an email contact if you want.

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looking for jams in and around St. Petersburg, FL

I'm staying in St. Petersburg for the winter; play the fiddle; and am looking for folks to jam with. My favorite kinds of music are contra, old time, French Canadian, Celtic, English, Scottish and am open to try others such as cajun, international.

I can be reached at eniddiamante@yahoo.com

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Looking for Jams in Springfield, Mo.

Would like to find 1,2 or 3 intermediate pickers to jam with perhaps once a week. Acoustic only, I'm retired and used to play a lot. Haven't played in a spell. I play flatpicking guitar, some leads and rhythm, have two acoustic guitars, one mandolin and a fiddle. I need the practice. Bluegrass, old country, classic country, some rock, some blues. Learn styles from each other. No electric instruments please.

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Great place to meet jammers

If you live in Virginia, you should know that there will be 20 to 30 pickers at Lake Anna on June 18 for the Bluegrass Music Workshop. The Workshop will emphasize playing in group setting whether a jam or an informal band. For an info flyer: wbgair@gmail.com.

At that workshop one will meet and pick with other pickers from Virginia. The number of participants is limited because of space considerations, the amount of food to be on hand and the logistics of "scrambling" the group members during the day. There will be jamming after the workshop.

Bruce Gair, 703 407-2327

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Tom, did you ever find folks to jam with. I'm retired also and play a little reso. I live south of Odessa and share your interests. I'm usually at home except on Wed. 816-633-7480


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