Laura's Theme (Somewhere My Love) on the J-100

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Laura's Theme (Somewhere My Love) on the J-100

Ok, it's my season for playing around. ..I just don't get enough. Here is a little work I did today using (1) guitar... the J-100. I did use some techy stuff to make the base from the J-100 and cheated with a keyboard for some string background because I don't play fiddle let alone 20 of them at one time.

This is a basement production at home in Gladstone, MO by Matt Aspenlieder recorded on a Tascam 2488 (4) tracks mixed.

'Laura's Theme'

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Correct Song Title

The song, sometimes known as "Somewhere My Love" is "Lara's Theme," not Laura.

Lara's Laura's.. say 6, I say half dozen of the other. Seriously, thanks for the correction eejaysee; I never would have known otherwise.

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