Jams in Olathe

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Jams in Olathe

I know of many great jams around the area.

Are there any actually in Olathe, Kansas.


"lips deutsch"

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Harris, I run two jams, one


I run two jams, one in Lenexa, one is in Olathe.

The Olathe jam is Swing/Standards/Show Tunes. We play pass-the-break style.

The Lenexa jam is Contra Dance/Irish/Old Time. We play ensemble style.

I don't know offhand of any others that are in Olathe - at one point there was a jam at a Burger King I'd heard of, but I think that was in Overland Park.


Greenwood Terrace


Thanks for telling me about the Swing,Standards....jam at Greenwood Terrace. The musicians were all wonderful and cordial. The venue and the music were both top notch.

This will help me stretch my musical journey.

You and the other musicians are appreciated by,

aka "lips deutsch"

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It was good having a

It was good having a harmonica in the mix. 20 people showed up yesterday - that was a great turnout and a great mix of instruments. Sax, harmonica, cajon (the drum box), trumpet, violins, mandolins, piano, guitars, singers, bass...just great.

I hope we'll see you next month.

after breakfast in Lenexa Kansas ???

or is it Whiskey before?

Can you tell me when and where that group meets.

I was told on Saturday that it is coming up? Second Saturday..


aka lips deutsch

Bringing Laughter and Music to the World, One Group at a Time!

Harris, The group's name is


The group's name is Whiskey Just After Breakfast - it being a morning jam.

We meet on the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month.

Details here:



Lenexa Jam was

fun. It was great to see and hear your daughter play the violin/fiddle.

Hope Gloria got some great photos.

Going to different type of jams is helping me grow musically, and it is also great to meet musicians from around the area.

Be safe, well and well tuned.

Bringing Laughter and Music to the World, One Group at a Time!


Lenexa Jam 4-10

It was great meeting you and playing some tunes together. You are a hoot! Loved all your buddies too.

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