Jams in my area

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Jams in my area

I am really interested in jams in my area. I play with a group that plays for nursing and senior centers. But occasionally I would like to just met and play and not have to drive 100's of miles. It seems all our playing in Arkansas is located in the ozarks. We down in the gulf coastal plains like to jam too.

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Any good jams in south Arkansas????

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Bluegrass Jams in Norfolk, Virginia

My husband, daughter and I have recently moved to Norfolk and I would like to find some places to jam. We moved from Northwest Arkansas and every Saturday night you could find jamming at the downtown park. I have been playing bluegrass rythem guitar for 20 years and I have been singing since I was 8 years old. I love to jam and know a lot of songs. I also play upright bass a little fiddle. I would appreciate any assistance and bluegrass is in my soul!

Debbie Taylor

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Tidewater B/G Jams

I am an active member of the Tidewater Bluegrass Music Assoc. and can help with info for some great B/G pickin' spots and small festivals in our area .... I am in Postsmouth/Chesapeake area..

feel free to email me at kemosabee@gmail.com and I point you to some music .. :)

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Ukulele Lessons

I live in Southeast Tucson and just purchased a Ukulele. Does anyone know someone that give beginner Ukulele lessons?



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I used to play electric

I used to play electric guitar and later bass in garage bands when I was in high school. It was one of the best times of my life!

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Ukelele lesson

Check out HomespunTapes.com. Not sure how much "beginner", but their two "Joy of Uke" lessons are a lot of fun. May include some REAL basics like tuning, but I haven't seen 'em in 2 years.
Standard uke is tuned similar to the high 4 strings of guitar, w/ D-string an octave higher, equal to 2nd-string 3rd-fret (and if the guitar were capoed at 5th fret), so a lot of beginner guitar lessons will apply.
Hope this helps. - Ed

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