Jam at the Great Mall in Olathe

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Jam at the Great Mall in Olathe

although I am not the organizer..I recently saw a sign about a Jam at the Great Mall in Olathe,Kansas..first and third Tuesdays...I did call the mall office to verify and they said it was scheduled.

have harmonicas will travel

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Not just organizers can post jams

We don't limit posts to organizers. If you know of a jam and are willing to vouch for it about twice a year when we automatically check in with you, then you can post the jam.

Joined: 2 Apr 2008
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Electric Jam at Great Mall in Olathe near the hospital.

I went last night. Although it wasn't what I expected it still was fun.

A band hosted the jam. It was held in the food court. The instruments were amplified..except for a great saxaphone player. There was a small "staging area" 3 microphones...each player had his own speaker, but I am guessing there were room for more plug ins.

Mostly country but on my turn, I went gospel.

It was the first time it was scheduled. They plan on returning on the 3rd Tuesday..and continue ...the

First and third Tuesday..6:30-9:00 (with a break about 7:30-8:00)

harris "nearly normal" deutsch

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