I'm Not Cheap, Just Poor

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I'm Not Cheap, Just Poor

Hey guys, I'm just looking for the best place to find some FREE guitar tabs for flatpicking bluegrass. I have bought 3 books. They are great but they cost $40 bucks a pop. I would really like to find tabs for Ashokoln Farewell. I've look on the web some but thought it would be easier to have someone just tell me where instead of spending hours going from one site to the other. Thanks

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flatpicking tabs

Here's a great site for tabs. Also try Flatpicking Hangout. http://www.kimandmikeontheroad.com/music.htm#D

Sterling grass

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jam groups in the tulsa, ok area

I'm not a novice but I am just begining bluegrass and would like to find other like souls in the tulsa, area to jam with on a regular basis

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Thanks Sterling, I'll check

Thanks Sterling, I'll check them out tonight.



There is a software tool called Tabledit ( http://www.tabledit.com ) that plays tablature files for numerous instruments. The program not only displays and prints the tab but it will also play through the music, highlighting the tab notes at varying speeds to help in learning the tunes.

If you grab the software and do some Googling for 'Tabledit bluegrass' and the like you will find a number of great sites with files for download.

The software and tab files are essentially free although you can register the editor/player for additional features.

There is also a more established guitar-oriented program called PowerTab that has some similar resources. I recommend giving them both a try but when I was doing some similar searches a while back, I found Tabledit to be one of the best aids for learning for bluegrass and old time music via tab notation.

Play Well.

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Tabledit, Power Tab

Hi, I'm a student at the folk school of st. louis (I manage their web sites) and saw this post.
I personally don't like either of those applications. I find that they are much more time consuming than just freehand tab writing.

I did purchase an HP Touchpad laptop, with Microsoft One Note. With the touch pad laptop and One Note, I can write my tabs or regular sheet music out directly on the screen. There are lots of tab and regular sheet music templates for One Note on the Microsoft Web site. I use the guitar tab template, but they have them for mandolin too. They may have banjo tab; I'm not sure about that.

I don't need or want my computer to play tabs back for me since I practice by playing along with recordings, but I guess Power Tab or Tabledit might have a place with people who want their computers to play tab back for them.

It's just my personal opinion though - I'd rather spend the majority of my rehearsal time practicing my instrument instead of figuring out somewhat complicated tab authoring applications.


Programs have their place


I totally agree that tabbing out notation in these programs can be time consuming and in some ways the only benefit in doing so is the ablilty to easily share your tabs with other players. The benefit to most people who use Tabledit or Powertab is that there is already a a wealth of files available to help get you started in learning tunes. I can totally see that if you want to do some serious composition or just have some better options in the software that you would quickly move to a more extensive (and potentially not free) application.

To be honest, I didn't find myself using these programs very much after my first year or two of playing but at the time the playback feature was helpful for guiding my fingering while I was learning the tunes. I didn't want the computer to play me the song 'per se' (I used recordings for that as well) but rather to help visually guide my fingers and help start building a sense of timing. There is no substitute for a good teacher or at least some good teaching materials but when you are first learning to pick, the visual queues displayed when these programs play the song can be very helpful.

I will have to have a look at the One Note notation program. I'm really impressed with the One Note suite of apps overall so I'd definitely like to see their take on a tab application.

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about it

Damn... its been too long. Still play guitar (J50) dabbled through the years...dobro, lil' fiddle banjo. Got a good handle on the basics. Like to sing harmony. Was around during the mid 70s. Played here and there. Would like to get with a Simon St Pierre type (Canadian) fiddlers. Interesting though how many folks didnt understand that"being there" was your best teacher and then the only. Now a days, hell, Mike Aldridge, Jerry Flux ect..have videos on how. Man, I remember the days when you would have to spend the time with someone or folks to get it. Not just the words to songs but the basics of how to play it. We have lost something. The days of one guitar passed around were before me, but now tabiture, videos made everyone a Tony Rice. Its good stuff but the days of Lester Flatt, Ralph Stanley, and Loovin Brothers still live. Whats going to happen to us "ragidee" folks to do. Too many chords, too much cormatic scales...sounds good, but where does an ole bluegrasser fit in anymore?

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