How we help regional folk organizations

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How we help regional folk organizations

A time consuming task for many regional folk music organizations is keeping their area recurring jam session lists up to date. It takes quite a bit of effort for one or two people to compile a list of area jams and then to periodically check with the contact people for each jam to make sure their information is still accurate. provides tools that can help these folk organizations stay on top of their event listings. We supply RSS feeds of jams, festivals and camps that can be incorporated into other web sites. Webmasters who are comfortable with manipulating XML documents can display our content on their site in whatever form they wish. Webmasters who just want something quick and easy can drop fewer than ten lines of JavaScript into their HTML pages and include our default upcoming jam list view on their site.

We are very pleased to be supporting, a folk organization serving the dulcimer community in Michigan. They are using the back-end to keep up with the dates of jam sessions in the state and have contributed the jams and festivals run by their organization to Check out their events page to see how they have incorporated listings into their site.

In addition to having their own listings, they have chosen an RSS feed that includes all contributions in Michigan. This means that they benefit from users adding jams to who don't know that existed - those jams appear on too.

If you represent a regional folk organization and are interested in augmenting your regional jam information with listings from, please contact us and we will work with you through the process.

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