Had trouble logging in? Had trouble changing location?

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Had trouble logging in? Had trouble changing location?

We recently fixed a problem that prevented some of our users from logging in and caused 'change location' requests to not work for some visitors.

If you experienced either of these problems, please clear out the cookie for folkjam.org on your browser. With the help of a few users we realized that in some cases we were sending the wrong cookie (folkjam.org rather than www.folkjam.org).

If you are a registered user and find that clearing out your cookie cache does not resolve the problem, then you will also need to ask the site to send you a new password. Doing this clears out all memory of your past sessions (and cookies) from our database. You can set your password back to what it is now after responding to the password reset email.

We apologize for any frustration this caused. Please let us know if you have similar problems either by posting in response to this forum topic or through our feedback address http://www.folkjam.org/feedback.

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