Guitar Techs in Kansas City Area?

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Guitar Techs in Kansas City Area?

Since dusting off my instruments, and dragging them out to play, I wanted to get some work done on one. Trouble is the places I used for setting up my guitars, are out of business, or really don't have 'real' techs, but just guys who work at the store. I was 'burned' a few years back by a store that recommended replacing my Strat's nut, and when I picked it up, I found they really screwed it up. Turns out the guy who did it, never had done that particular job. My stupidity, of course.

I need to get the action and intonation set on my archtop, and need a qualified tech. Thought it might be nice to generate a list of folks that can do the job. If you don't mind, list folks or shops where that you trust.

Here's one in Lawrence, KS

Mass Street Music
1347 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66044
800-747-9980 toll-free, 785-843-3535 local

Repair shop hours:
2pm-6pm Central time, Monday through Friday.
10am-5pm Central time on Saturday.
Closed Sunday. Please call for holiday hours.

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