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forming a group

Are there any other people out there who are looking to form a group with which to collaborate? I play 6 and 12 string guitar,a little flute, a little mandolin, a little sitar, and other hybrids in the making. I mostly do originals, but I would be willing to commit to a concept of doing traditional standards of celtic or other genres. I live in the Roswell area, and prefer not to travel lengthy distances, unless the situation is irresistable.

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Consider starting a group on the site


One of the features of folkjam are area groups that show on the maps to people looking for local events. Consider creating a group in Roswell. This will put a pin in the map and will link people to the description of what you are looking for.

You can set your group up for open subscription so that anybody can join without your approval (or you can require approval, whatever you wish).

Each group contains a private event calendar, a file upload area and a private forum. Our goal is to give folks like yourself a way to gather up a few local musicians, pick dates, post questions in the forum, keep midi and tune lists in the file area and generally get a jam going. If it turns into something regular you can post it on folkjam's public map.

Start a group:


forming a group

We started a group a year ago and found some ideas how to grow the thing.

1. Publish a tune list. I'm lucky enough to have a couple of friends who know abc notation. We pick tunes they then put into abc notation then reproduce it both as sheet music and midi's. The tune list continues to grow but we have our basic 20 songs everybody should know. Each group has a bit of space on to keep files. We've published a ton of them and barely made a dent in our allotment.

2. Pester Scott for business cards or better yet gig bag stickers.(I ran out Scott, hint hint) I pass then out at jam sessions then tell them to look up our group. We have lots of people signing up both for the files and to keep in touch with the local jam sessions.

3. Without being blatant you can invite people from other groups into yours. I tend to keep the invitations pretty low key at our local Irish Session. Don't want to piss off the lady who pours my Guinness. My best trick however is to steal. . . .borrow email addresses from other invitations. I also contact other jam session coordinators with special invitations for the jam.

4. Establish a core group. When you jam, keep tight with them and let everybody else play along. As more and more people get to know the list widen out the circle. Just having a huge circle means everybody won't hear what the beat is and you'll get musical ping pong. The beat will bounce around from person to person.

I'm sure Scott and Shawn have other ideas.


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Locating other pickers nearby.

I have recenty moved to Rosharon, Tx. 25 miles south of Houston. I'm close to Hwy. 6 and Hwy. 288 and am looking for other acoustic musicians in my area to jam with. I am retired and I play the autoharp.

I'm ready for some kind of group thing in KC

I got back into playing three years ago when I stumbled across a local bluegrass club. I was never introduced to bluegrass in eastern Montana and there is just so much to learn in so little time. I've since picked up a 5 string which I dearly love, dobro, mandolin and my standard J-100. My defined style over the years has been fingerstyle but I've been working on the flat picking; it depends on the tune. As I expose myself to local standards and learning the styles, I still have a tendancy to try to take old music, not written for grass, and making it work. I'm sure the original writers would roll over in their graves. I'm currently working on the show tune 'Those Were The Days My Friend..', on the banjo. yeah.. it could work. I have a little studio in my basement where I put my interpretation to work, then post it on my myspace page. The link is in my profile. I don't read music, it just confusses my pick'n. My goal is to turn my basement into a jam room for those interested in wanting to put a sound together as good as we can get it. My personal view is, trade offs or breaks for everyone in a song is fine for jam sessions but I really enjoy arranging and producing with a minimal number of instruments. Anyone interested in putting something together, even for self improvement, hey drop me a note.

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Jaming new and old

I don't get to far from Shawnee, but have gone to the Gladstone area for shows.

Shawnee Methodist Church has a one time Jam this weekend. Terry R is heading it up. Yes it is listed on Folk Jam.

At Mountain Music we had a wonderful Auto Harp Player and Mary Frances Herndon...(never know who will show up at a jam.... : )

For a sample of my harp/harmonica check out..

It was a bluesy/jazz bit but I also play Gospel, 60's, country etc...

Will be busy for the next couple of months but would like to hear how your group is forming and maybe sit in down the road.


Hi mraspy,

The Heart of America Bluegrass and Old Time (HABOT) organization of Kansas City puts on a huge jam and show on the third Friday of the month from October through April: .

If you are looking for a wide variety of people to play with and a real flavor for the acoustic community around town, I would highly recommend making one of these events.

Their last event before the summer is tomorrow night (4/18) but I believe their location off of Vivion road is also fairly close to Gladstone so if you have some time tomorrow night, I would highly recommend stopping by.

Take care.



Thanks Shawn,
As a matter of fact HABOT is the group I stumbbled on a few years ago; living only within 6 blocks of the location has made it very conveinient. I've been to many area jams, Mtn. Music, Riverside, Bentley's in Parkville, and others.

I'd like to get into a more personal level of music with a few others who would like to work out about a dozen or so tunes and share ideas for arrangements. I attended the last HABOT jam of the season and the only disappointment I walked away with was knowing I have to wait until fall before the new season begins.

I just tossed a little instrumental together and mixed it down yesterday. I did something a bit different with mix, added some brass ensemble to the background. I'm on the 5 string, J100, a little dobro and a MK mandolin I picked up over at Mtn. Music.
For lack of a title I called it 'Jam'n With Myself' on

SBR this summer


Very cool mix. I share your lament in waiting for HABOT to restart but at least it's late enough in the year to seriously start talking about Winfield.

I don't know if you are free the third week-end of June but there is a great camp-out jam & stage called the String Band Rendezvous held at Clinton Lake near Lawrence ( ) .

It's definitely a pre-Winfield (or maybe post-HABOT :) jam with lots of great picking in small circles and large. There's also usually some really good talent on the stage all through the week-end (although I'm thinking about getting up there this time around, so we may see a dip in that trend).

Take care.

Forming a group...........

Give me a call or email. I bet we've seen each other some where. I attend just about everything, including all the places you've mentioned. I play guitar. My email is

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.


An instrumental arrangement of an old tune..

This week I worked on an arrangement of 'The City of New Orleans'. It can be heard at

Great job

Sounds awesome, Matt. Are you playing all of the instruments?



Thanks Shawn. Yes I'm playing the instruments. After laying down the arrangement in Band In A Box, I started with guitar and mandolin chops then worked up to some 5 string followed by dobro both in the background. I'm not real efficient on the dobro or mandolin yet so I just use them for little fills. After about the 16th bar I bring in the rest. Band In A Box provided the bass, some strings and I toned down the drums. This is all basement recording stuff using a single 57 mic into a Tascam 2488.

I understand someone up here on North Oak in Gladstone just opened up a recording studio. I'll have to check it out.

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