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really like the dobro and I'm interested in locating one

any dobro picker with good advice for a beginner?

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Check out

Check out or

There some good entry level instruments such as Goldtone and Regal. Shop around before you make a decision. You might pick up some good tips from Jerry Douglas bulletin board forum at


I have two for sale.

A Richard DeNeve mahogany with McIntyre pickup for $1000

A Tut Taylor Virginian for $1300

Both are professional quality

My advice for playing is practice practice practice.

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Practice a lot and listen to as much as you can, old-timey and newer.

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extension nut

You can also get a raised nut, a little nut "cap" that goes over a nut on a regular guitar to raise the action just to get the feel of playing, and they are generally tuned to an open "G" for bluegrass, Low - to - high would be G B D G B D. You need a steel slide, and most people use a thumb pick and 2 finger picks.

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