Colosi FWI Pins Came. Pin test done

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Colosi FWI Pins Came. Pin test done

I got my FWI today, props to Mr. Bob Colosi, I called him Friday 2-15 late, got the pins 2-19, well deserved rep he has!

I recorded a simple arpeggio played at normal touch and then slower with a harder attack for tone comparison. 1st with the tusk followed by the FWI in my Larrivee DV-09. I used a COU1 condenser at about 24 inches aimed at the 12th fret through audacity with no alterations.

I will try to attach it here, (If I can), and for those who prefer a link:

I’ll reserve my comments to not color it for those who are curious.

Once again, my thanks to Mr. Colosi, outstanding service and product from a real gentleman.

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