Beginner/Amateur Jam for Adults

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Beginner/Amateur Jam for Adults

Is THERE ANYBODY who just started playing after the age of 45 who wants to jam but in a non-intimdating environment ???

DOES ANYBODY KNOW OF A JAM club that consists of members as described above ?

If now, how about starting one... an every-other month jam in the northeast NJ area for Adult players with advanced-beginner playing level ????

I've been playing for about 2 years and just getting frustrated because I would like to expand my lessons by playing with others BUT most of these jams are way too advanced.



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Contact this group through

Contact this group through They run a monthly jam that is just what you describe in Fords, NJ. Not far from you I think.


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Hey there DD, And thanks for

Hey there DD,

And thanks for the plug, Scott.

Yes, as Scott said, check out our JJ group.

Our next jam, JJ42, will be coming up May 16th.

We don't require proof of age or kick you out after you've been playing for a while, but I THINK we're the type of gathering you're looking for.

Drop us a line.


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Beginner/Amateur Jam for Adults

I remember when you guys were first getting the Jersey Jams rolling on the Acoustic Guitar Forums website.

I always wished I had something like that near me.

Keep up the good work, ApK

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Beginner/Amateur Jam for Adults

Double post, sorry

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Hey! You wanna start somethin'?!

Thanks Jack!

If there is nothing like that near you, why don't you start something!?

As Will Smith said in 'Men in Black':
"Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'!"

Worked for me...JJ 52 is coming up this Sunday!


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do you ever have jams during the week??

hi, I like to sing and play guitar but I have a weekend job,,,,,working 12-hour shifts,,,,do you ever jam during the week?
Inquiring minds want to know....

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do you ever have jams during the week??

I'm not sure where in Maryland your town is, but there's a Thursday evening jam at O`Herley's General Store in Shepardstown WVa. Shepardstown is accross the Patomac River from Sharpsburg, Md. I spent several days in Shepardstown 4 or5 years ago and went to the jam. Thew folks were very welcoming of an Ohio visitor. Good folks, & a good jam.Not sure if that helps, if you're on the other end of the state, but it's a start. Good luck.
I'm not sure of the spelling on O`Herley's. I might have an error or two. They have a web site. Search on Google.

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SE Nebraska

I'm looking for people to play with on an informal basis. I play a little bluegrass guitar and a few Irish songs. I'm located near Hallam in SE Nebraska. I'm 58 years old and retired. Dan.

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