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Band in a Box

Ok, so last year my lovely wife got me Band in a Box. My old computer was too slow to run it so this year I got a new laptop. Now, like the dog who caught the car he was chasing what do I do with this thing? Has anybody had experience with this thing? Also, while on the subject of software I have a Vista OS. Has anybody run The Amazing Slow Downer or Slow Blast on Vista yet? I tried to run S.B. but the icons didn't appear. The downloaded trial version wasn't much better.

Jim /=\ <-dulcimer, cute huh?

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Jim, Band in a Box does so


Band in a Box does so much that it's hard to work out what exactly you want. The best thing I've found it good for - being a fiddle and therefore mostly melody player - is banging in a chord sequence to a tune I want to work on, setting it to repeat for ever, giving it a style that works for the tune I want to play and letting it go do it's magic.

You can find thousands of band in a box files that have full melody and notation in them for a lot of standards, which are also fun to fiddle along with.

My recommendation is to start by putting in a chord progression and then playing it back in various different styles to see what BIAB does to it for you.



Jim, all the tunes I create on the player at have been produced using BIAB as a starting point. I've used it for over 4 years and really enjoy it. I'll build a tune then lay down the instruments I play over top and mute the BIAB instruments not wanted.

The program contains a lot of tips and tricks that are very useful. There is a great forum in Yahoo groups just on BIAB where I've learned some very good tricks and short cuts.

If not already using Real-Tracks & Real-Drums, I'd strongly recommend the upgrade because these are not midi instruments here but real instruments played by real musicians. 2008 or 2009 version.

btw, I havn't bought into Vista yet.


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