Anyone else interested in new Bluegrass/Old Time jam in Shawnee???

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Anyone else interested in new Bluegrass/Old Time jam in Shawnee???

I am thinking about organizing a Bluegrass/Old Time Jam in Shawnee. JoCo Ks does not really have as much of that as the Mo side. I suspect there would be some interest. Please chime in and let me know. email me at scoutks @ gmail . com

Gary Foster


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to clarify

To clarify

Shawnee Kansas is where I am talking about.

RE: Shawnee Jam

Hi Gary.
I know about 10 guys including myself that might be interested. We gave up on Bentley's sidewalk jam for the year and are currently looking for a host. Please be forewarned, although bluegrass & classic or old country is very strong.. an occasional 50's, 60's' or 70's tune might pop up from a totally different genre. ..and we like bringing something different to the table. Everybody walks away with a balanced diet. All acoustic of course.

3rd Saturday Jam


If you are interested in some fairly pure old time/contra dance type fare then I recommend the 3rd Saturday jam that meets at PTs Coffee House at 87th & Lackman (behind Cedar Ridge Church) from 10:00a to 12:00p. There is actually a group set up for the jam here: .

It is mostly instrumental old time tunes but there is also a good bit of Bluegrass and BG gospel played.


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I plan on checking that one

I plan on checking that one out. Thanks for the info. But I am still thinking of doing the jam in addition to that.
My guess is, that somethime after the first of the year for a start. I am looking into a location at my lodge. If I can get it free, it's on.

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Hi Gary

I'd be happy to come

Greg McCarty

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Thats great! I will try to

Thats great! I will try to start it in january after the holidays.

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Update on Jam in Shawnee-Old Time

It looks like I will go through with starting a jam in Shawnee. The plan is to focus on Old Time. I have a space located that would work great. I just have to synchronize with them on available days and times. When I get that determined I will post the info as well as set up a group here.

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jams around Savannah, Ga

Hi Gary, I would like to get into a country-western swing jam around you have any info for me? Sharyn Lee ( thanks!

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Jam in Shawnee

Hi, Gary.

I'm interested in a Shawnee jam, and know several others who would be as well.

Would enjoy playing bluegrass, traditional country, and old-time music.

You can send me a PM when you have a venue & date.

PS. * I live in Shawnee and would be glad to assist as needed with logisitics.



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Shawnee Kansas Jam update

First Jam is February 20th , saturday, 6-9pm for the first jam. As soon as the new jam info is moderated you will be able to find the info.

New jam will be called, "Keep on the Sunnyside Old Time and Bluegrass Jam"

It will be at the Shawnee Masonic Lodge Building at Johnson Drive and Neiman. My phone is 913-362-0700

The jam listing was approved

The jam listing was approved and is here -

Jammin in Shawnee

was a blast. Prior to moving to Olathe, I loved the old M.M. jams.

Hope to make it back in the future, with my ukuleles, harmonici and perhaps another ventriloquist based song.


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