Adding Harmony/Richness to a Jam

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Adding Harmony/Richness to a Jam

Hello all,

I am a fingerpicking guitar player that has been playing the guitar since 2006 that would love to participate in a jam sometime in the future. As a guitar player, one of my aims when playing with other people is to add something to a song so that it sounds prettier. Something along the lines of what the guitarist on the right is doing in this video.

I'm taking a look at harmony scales which have helped me determine what kinds of little chords I could add on top of another. For example, if one plays a typical C major chord, I could add the notes B and D by playing XXX43X which is part of the fifth of a C major harmony scale. It adds a beautiful richness to the chord.

What other areas in music theory would people recommend I look into more deeply?

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adding harmonies

I'm with you MKight. I fingerstyle also, 40 yrs, and drop little harmonic rifs behind the leader all the time. I've always felt one gets better and is more appreciated if you can make someone else sound better. Timing is everything and as you know, we have to be so careful not to step on someone else's toes. Often times someone else thinks like we do and that's when I just be silent.. it will come around again. Harmonizing instruments are great but like everything else.. just an effect or enhancement whichever.

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