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This is the heart and soul of what folkjam brings to you - the ability to see where jams are in your local area and to know when they happen.

Our local jam calendar gives you a month by month calendar view of local acoustic music activity.

The local overview on our home page presents a map of your local area above a list of upcoming jam sessions.

Support your local acoustic music community by sharing information on other area jam sessions with your fellow pickers and grinners. Our local jam report is a one page PDF file that summarizes the acoustic music in your community. Print a few copies of our local jam report and give them out at the next jam you attend.

Of course, seeing is believing. With folkjam's local jam map you can see where the jams are near you happening.

Posted by scott.mclewin: Posted 8 Sep 2006 - Last edited 8 Sep 2006

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