Contributors are the foundation of We created this site to make it easy for acoustic musicians to publish information on the jam sessions they attend or organize. When we (who are we?) search the internet for jam sessions to attend when away from home, we frequently find it difficult to find reliable and current information. Some regions have a well organized acoustic music community with a strong on-line presence. Many do not - the time required to build and maintain a web page or a full site is simply not available to many musicians.

Our goal in building was to reduce the overhead needed to maintain jam session listings on the web. We believe that keeping future jam session dates current on the web is a mundane task - so many of us forget to do it or simply get tired of that monthly (or weekly!) chore and stop. handles the calculation of recurring dates for you. You configure the repeat pattern for the jam in your contribution, and the folkjam server handles the rest. You can readily incorporate jam session dates into your web site using's RSS feeds too. This allows you to keep your web page up to date with future session dates without the hassle of editing it.

Join our community and become a contributor.

A recurring jam session is a jam that happens on a regular basis and has a set repeat pattern. You describe the session, enter the location so that others can find it, and you set up the repeat criteria. can handle most of the regular repeat patterns you are likely to need, such as a jam that happens every other Tuesday, a session on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, or session that is weekly on Thursdays, September through May.

If you want to post a jam session that happens infrequently (or just once) and on a specific date, then contribute a single session jam to You can edit your jam session's details as much as you like, which makes this jam type useful for sessions that recur, but do so infrequently and not on a steady schedule. For example, if you host a semi annual jam session in the spring and fall at the same location, you can contribute a single session jam once that you simply update to the new dates. also allows you to contribute details on acoustic music camps and folk festivals.

Contributors will occasionally be asked to verify that the information they have added to the community is accurate and up to date.

Posted by scott.mclewin: Posted 8 Sep 2006 - Last edited 6 Oct 2006

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