Bluegrass rhythm guitar, vocals (and banjo newby)


I'm a bluegrass rhythm guitar player in the land of Not-Very-Much-Bluegrass. Through the Banjo Hangout, I met a few fellows that I sing and play with in a little BG band but I'm looking for some more informal picking or small jams. I'm pretty much retired now--just work enough to keep me in strings and the occasional new/used instrument. (banjo and mandolin)

Most of my friends and all my family hate bluegrass so I was happy to come across this site. I know there must be a few more of us out here somewhere.

When I graduated high school in '64, my folks bought me a $39.95 Kent and I've been playing ever since (not the Kent)---more recently into bluegrass. Flatpicking is still my dream....banjo too. The mandolin is brand new and it doesn't go out into public yet.

Keep pickin'

Posted by Sterling grass: Posted 16 Sep 2008 - Last edited 19 Sep 2008

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