25 years too late

I was helping my brother-in-law move last year from a small town to Baton Rouge. As he was tossing out various items, a guitar happened to be one of them. My wife asked him if she could have it with me in mind. Not being damaged, she confiscated it. There was only 1 string so I went to the music store and bought a pack and a beginners book. With the help from the book and the internet, I strung the acoustic and tuned it. Monumental for me. I expanded my collection of songs from the "Chordie" site. I have over 200 tunes and play about 1/2 pretty well.
After a few months, I wanted amplification but the "Carlos" was under $100 and didnt want to put money into it. So I bought a Mexican Fender Stratocaster which was a 1/3 of the price of an American. I had and am still having fun with it. In my opinion though, an electric cannot sound as sweet as an acoustic. I finally got a real acoustic/electric a couple of months later. I enjoy the sound of my Taylor 114ce. A very clean sound.
I dont know what made me want to play the Carlos. I never was interested in playing guitar yet I have always loved music. Throughout my teenage years and the Air Force, Ive had to have known a dozen guitarist friends. Years have flown by and only now does it appeal to me. It is both a pasttime and a hobby for me. I think Im going to be playing for quite some time.

Posted by phillipo: Posted 24 Sep 2008

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