A Little About Me

I'm not in a band. Up to this point I've been doing my own stuff and posting it on www.myspace.com/mattaspenlieder .
Since moving to Kansas City from Montana I've heard some very good musicians down here and had the privilage to sit in with a few, which reminds me why I only pick for fun and not for profit or fame.
With my little Tascam 2488 I can lay down my own guitars, dobro, mandolin, 5 string, harps, mandola & vocals. I get the drums and some keyboards from the computer although I use a synth for bass, strings, piano and other effects as well. I usually start with Band-In-A-Box for the prefered style then build on the saved midi file. I think I'm getting better at mixing and editing than pick'n. Sometimes I forget that every instrument is only an effect, and get reminded of that at evey jam session. If you'd like to colaborate on something or just sit down and share some pick'n, let me know.

Posted by mraspy: Posted 22 Feb 2008 - Last edited 1 Mar 2008

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