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Hi, my name is Len Zaikoski.

I'm a 38-year-old, happily-married, father-of-one who programs computers for a living and plays Irish fiddle and role-playing games for fun. I live in Central Pennsylvania, in the USA, and attend up to three once-a-month session, with my family, at local restaurants/pubs.

There's actually quite a vibrant session scene here in Central PA, so I've got my pick of a few....

I played "violin" in Elementary school, but gave it up in Jr. High, and then took it up again (in 1999 or 2000, I think) after a long time of developing a love of "Celtic" music.

Since then I've learned the difference between "Celtic" and ITM, and like to think of myself as an "Irish" fiddler -- even though I'm almost 100% Polish! :) Hmmm, maybe this explains why I enjoy playing polkas, so much….

For Christmas 2003, my lovely wife bought me a nice Takamine acoustic-electric guitar and I've been learning to play accompaniment. I've read numerous times that playing a rhythm instrument helps with your melody-playing and it certainly is fun, too.

For Christmas 2006, my lovely wife bought me a nice Fender FM-100 mandolin, and I like being able to (almost) instantly transfer my fiddle tune knowledge to the new instrument. I really like being able to shift easily between melody and rhythm while playing the mandolin and having been trying to learn the mandolin chords as well as making the transition between bowing and picking!

Posted by lzaikoski: Posted 15 Jan 2007

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