Life of a Chord Picker

I have been in music since 1949. That is when I started taking lap steel guitar lessons in Santa Ana Ca. (I was born there in 1941) After 15 lessons my parents divorced and I went on to piano but that was to hard on my back so I took up trumpet in the 5th grade in Vista Ca. This in turn eventually got me into other brass instruments and a scholarship to Univ. of Az. School of Music. Didn't go.

In 1962 I bought a guitar and studied a bit of classic at first but became a beatnik and a folky and played bass in the Florida keys in 1964. By 1969 I joined the Buffalo Nickel Jug Band and we went on a 5 country tour. We became popular for a while with commercials and an album (33 1/3 record) There is a lot more but anyway I stayed with guitar and I put in an average of 2 hours of practice every day. I am a strong finger picker and love to play rag style, old standards, Brazilian etc.. I flatpick with bluegrassers as well with my bigger guitar.

Posted by Chord_picker: Posted 18 Feb 2008 - Last edited 18 Feb 2008

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