Low Level Players Need To Know About Blade and Soul’s Debuff

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As the Blade and Soul official website claims, now it is a win-win situation for most players. High levels kill High levels. Low levels can enjoy killing low levels without fearing to be ganked by level 45 and more. Now our web shop starts to sell cheap Blade and Soul Gold.

You should know the debuff would remove all offensive or deffensive stats and expires when the player dies.

A Blade and Soul player said that he in some way agree with the OP, basically all that scum who tends to go low level area to spawn kill people who are new in the game and don't know what is a dobok and how it works are just undesirables.

He also understands some of the comments from people on the official forum but there is always a solution for everything. Something that wouldn't hurt anybody would be this example.

When player salvage a Soul Shield grade Heroic a text appears to explain what players are doing, and they have to type "Salvage", right?

How about 1st time gamers’ gear the faction dobok players are prompted with a text "You are entering PVP mode by gearing this outfit and can kill or be killed by another player" and a confirmation by writing "I understand".

Most of players may consider it would be a nice solution for both sides since this doesn't hurt anybody.

He is pretty sure people who are jerks unfair with the rest of gamers who are nice people will come to say stupid things like there is already too much of this messages & stuff just to make sure low levels don't have a chance to avoid them as much as possible. Well buy Blade and Soul Gold online to solve your problem. That will not be such a big problem with these things and stuff.For more information, please go to http://www.bladesoulgold.net

Posted by Boser: Posted 8 Mar 2016

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