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Wayne Murphy first picked up a guitar at the age of 16, after the deep rooted grooves of John Mayalls Turning Point brought a fortuitous beginning to what would shape Waynes life for years to come: the pursuit of music. Since that very day, Wayne has spent most of his free time collecting, learning, performing and writing music. His journey has taken him through the annals of Americana, exploring the quiet folklore of Elizabeth Cotton and Woody Guthrie, the flatpicking virtuosity of Doc Watson, the soulful storytelling of John Prine; the barroom stomp of Los Lobos and the grit of John Hyatt. After years of travel married with learning, listening and playing, Wayne has cultivated a style of his own: acoustic driven music with a soul which lies somewhere between the urban skyline of Minneapolis and the Rocky Mountain Glaciers of Montana.

Recently, Wayne has added another feather to his cap- harnessing his passion and talent in the studio recording of music. Whether recording sessions of his own compositions, or helping out a promising singer, Wayne is constantly searching for innovative techniques of capturing the raw honesty of the acoustic instrument and the heart of the song. Note for note, Wayne continues to patiently give back his own contributions to the annals of the American music that shapes his life.

Eric Rhame - 2006

Nortwoods @ AltCountryTab.ca

Wayne Murphy.com
Bear Grass Studio.com

Posted by BearGrass: Posted 14 Nov 2006 - Last edited 14 Nov 2006

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